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About EcoListing

EcoListing represents a new dawn in the traditional BC real estate landscape. Founded with a vision to simplify real estate transactions, EcoListing integrates advanced technology, previously unseen in BC, to transform the property selling experience. Our innovative approach includes offering online showings within a 3D Virtual Model of properties. This unique feature allows our agents to conduct comprehensive virtual tours, showcasing every inch of a property online. This not only qualifies buyers effectively but also ensures that physical visits are reserved for finalizing sales, saving our clients time and hassle from unnecessary visits and open houses. At EcoListing, we are committed to leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and client satisfaction in the real estate domain.

Harpreet Brar

About Founder, Harpreet Brar

Harpreet Brar's journey to becoming a realtor is marked by a diverse and enriching professional background, distinctly different from conventional real estate pathways. Prior to entering the real estate industry, Harpreet accumulated a wealth of skills and knowledge that are now instrumental in his approach as a realtor. With over two years of experience in real estate, he emphasizes the importance of keeping clients fully informed and educated with data insights and knowledge for smooth transactions.

Harpreet's educational journey includes a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and studies in Geographic Information System, where he delved into the intricacies of geography and complex structures through software analysis. His expertise in Data Modelling has been crucial in understanding and analyzing complex data to yield meaningful results. Harpreet's understanding of policies, environmental reports, and zoning bylaws comes from his in-depth study in these areas, equipping him with the knowledge to navigate various legal and environmental aspects of real estate.

His professional experience ranges from acting as a Quality Assurance Supervisor, ensuring customer satisfaction through risk management and quality control, to working as an Environmental Technician, where he gained firsthand experience with municipal workings related to development and construction. Harpreet's diverse background, including his published scientific research and thesis, has honed his research skills, further enhancing his capabilities to serve his clients.

Our Driving Force: Elevating Real Estate

Our ambition is to enhance the property selling and buying experience. Precision 3D LiDAR technology is at the core of our services, creating vivid, interactive digital property models that span the globe through our 3D Live Call system. This is part of a broader mission to seamlessly use data to align properties with their ideal buyers.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Data-Driven Sales Strategy: Our real-time market analysis sharpens the timing of listings, targets the appropriate audience, and ensures competitive pricing.
  • Virtual Tour Excellence: High-definition 3D models give buyers a true sense of the property, fostering informed decisions from the outset.
  • Worldwide Reach: Our platform erases miles and time zones, inviting international buyers to a virtual, hands-on property experience.
  • Dedicated Client Service: We provide personalized service and knowledgeable advice, ensuring a rewarding and enlightened sales journey.
  • Strategic Market Insights: Our sellers benefit from strategic insights that enhance decision-making and attract genuine buyers.

Expanding Real Estate Horizons

EcoListing isn't just about facilitating transactions – we optimize them:

  • Focused Visibility: We showcase properties to an apt audience, cultivating sales to eager buyers.
  • Smart Matchmaking: We align your property with buyers whose preferences match your offering.
  • Simplified Navigation: We make the complex real estate market accessible for all, regardless of location or tech-savviness.
  • Market Expertise: Our team delivers up-to-the-minute market analysis for well-informed selling choices.
  • Visualizing Potential: Tools like AI Virtual Renovation allow buyers to see beyond the present, adding allure to every property.
  • Transparency and Trust: We stand by clarity, equipping all parties with the necessary information to proceed with surety.

Our Commitment: Building Trust with Data

Trust in EcoListing comes from our dedication to providing services enriched with accurate, timely data and insights. We invite you to experience a new era of real estate, where data-driven precision meets market intuition for a truly effective property sale.


At EcoListing, we go beyond simplifying transactions – we empower them with data. We exploit data analytics to investigate market trends, buyer behavior, and optimal timing. Our goal is to position each property for the most advantageous outcome.

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EcoListing is a real estate agency that offers real estate 3D virtual property tours, & other services across Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and the surrounding areas.